Fighting large Time Machine backups

Are your Time Machine backups growing every hour, being 200 megabytes or more each? Why is your Time Machine drive almost full, while you haven’t made any major work recently? The answer is that your system is blindly backing up more than you’d really care of.

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Moving Stickies widget information to a new user or Mac OS X system

Here is how to move your Dashboard Stickies widget information to a new user or a new Mac OS X system. All the text you wrote on the Stickies is contained in the /Users/[your_username]/Library/Preferences/ file.

First, you’ll need to copy that file someplace visible so you can transfer it to the other location.

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Installing MacOS X Lion 10.7 in VMware Fusion 4

VMware has released recently the next major version of its virtualization platform for Mac OS X users: VMware Fusion 4. It has more than 90 new features and optimizations, and one of these is the support for the latest Mac OS X Lion 10.7, and VMware folks have made the installation a super simple process. You can download the 30-day trial version from VMware website, or buy a copy for $49.99, a bargain for such a gem.

1. Launch the VMware Fusion 4, and Select New… from the File menu.


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Run IE7, IE8 and IE9 under Mac OS X using the free VirtualBox from Oracle

Most of the web developers that use Apple computers have to somehow test their projects under Microsoft IE7, IE8 and IE9 browsers. Achieving this is possible by using the virtualization software: Wine, Parallels, VMWare Fusion or VirtualBox, with the added cost of a Windows license (or by using the  Adobe BrowserLab, but that’s a different story).

Well, here is a way how to accomplish this totally for free, by using the Oracle’s free VirtualBox and the free Internet Explorer testing virtual machines from Microsoft. The latter need a bit of tinkering to make them work under the VirtualBox, and there is a script to that for you automatically. Continue reading